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Local couple sell restaurant

August 22, 2001

After bringing Mr. Goodcents to Tonganoxie more than three years ago, Paul and Linda Mayse look forward to introducing the Lenexa-based franchise to a similar community.

The Mayses have sold the local restaurant to Mark Matheson, Olathe, and hope to open a different Mr. Goodcents in another northeast Kansas town.

"We wanted to get a few more locations going in some different areas," Linda said.

Matheson helped open the Tonganoxie location and was vice president of operations of Mr. Goodcents before buying the local restaurant.

"We knew he'd be a good owner," Linda said about Matheson.

The Mayses sold the restaurant last Friday, but it's been a strange transition for Paul.

"It hasn't really soaked in yet," Paul said Monday. "Today was the first day I haven't worked there. I've always been there seven days a week.

Matheson, meanwhile, continues his involvement in the restaurant business in a new direction. He lived in Grandview, Mo., Augusta, Ga., Charleston, S.C. and Columbus, Ohio, before moving to Olathe. He's owned a jazz club in downtown Kansas City, and worked in the Po' Folks, Fuddruckers, and Old Country Buffet companies. Matheson, 41, also worked with restaurants in Argentina and Mexico.

"I'm like a tumblin' tumbleweed," Matheson said.

The Kansas City native planned to be a paramedic in college. But he decided to pursue the restaurant business.

Matheson plans to live in the Tonganoxie area eventually. He and his family will stay in the Olathe area until his daughter Melissa, a junior, graduates from high school. He and his wife, Monica, also have a son, Matthew. He's 14, but the family will probably move to the area before he graduates from high school.

"I've enjoyed the area and the people have kind of grown on me," he said.

Matheson takes over a store that has earned company recognition.

The Mayses won the Pyramid Award last year, in recognition of providing good service and high-quality food. The restaurant also won the Pioneer Award this year.

The ownership might have changed hands, but Matheson said the store would be virtually the same.

"We're keeping the same staff," Matheson said. "We'll keep on with the good job Paul and Linda have done."

Paul and Linda will now concentrate on other business within the franchise. Paul plans on his position as being more administrative.

"When I hire a manager, they'll be in charge of day-to-day operations," Paul said. "For me, it will be more working with the managers. It will be a different style of owning."

Paul and Linda, who have lived in Tonganoxie for 15 years, will continue to do so, as their daughter Alisha is also a junior in high school. With the business, Paul will take care of visiting the store, while Linda plans to handle bookwork from their home.

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