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Tonganoxie Junior High School earns accreditation

August 29, 2001

Tonganoxie Junior High has earned accreditation under the state board's continuous improvement system.

Tonganoxie Junior High successfully completed this cycle of Quality Performance Accreditation, according to Kansas State Board of Education chairman I.B. "Sonny" Rundell.

The state board took action at its latest meeting in Topeka to officially grant Tonganoxie Junior High School a five-year accreditation status.

"Continually achieving accreditation status under the state's school improvement system is a feat worthy of respect and recognition," Rundell said. "Only schools that are actively engaging students in the learning process on a consistent basis are able to accomplish accredited status under Quality Performance Accreditation."

Earning accreditation by the state board of education includes a site visit to the school by state and local education officials to review progress in the areas targeted for improvement in each school's locally developed improvement plan.

The education officials on the visiting team submit a report to the state board of education, along with a recommendation regarding accreditation.

Later, the state board reviews the recommendation for action.

"In Kansas the bar is set very high for our schools." Rundell said. "Tonganoxie Junior High School has shown that when we expect the best from our schools, our schools will meet the challenge."

Tonganoxie Junior High School implemented a variety of school improvement strategies, which enabled the school to earn accreditation status.

State education officials highlighted a number of the school's strengths including:

Improved scoring on state assessments.

Improved attendance rates.

Improved curriculum in the core areas.

Improvement in the areas of technology and data collection.

Outstanding model of grade level teaming.

Excellent selection of extra-curricular activities designed to meet the needs of a varied population.

Tonganoxie Junior High School will begin the next cycle of QPA by continuing to implement its school improvement plan.

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