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Cable upgrade broadens options in Tonganoxie

December 5, 2001

Tonganoxie residents will have more channels to flip through in the coming weeks 27 more channels.

Sunflower Broadband will provide 66 channels in Tonganoxie, the same number that Lawrence, Eudora and some other portions of Douglas County receive. The current system includes 39 channels and costs $31.95. The new package will have the same monthly rate.

"We're really excited about doing this," said Dana Gore, marketing director for Sunflower Broadband, formerly Sunflower Cablevision.

Some of the new channels featured are Toon Disney, Fox Family, Animal Planet, CNBC, MTV, VH1, E!, The History Channel, The Food Network, Cartoon Network, Court TV and the Outdoor Life Network.

Some preliminary testing was done earlier this week, but Sunflower Broadband will start installation today.

"Our goal was to get Tonganoxie quality service as quickly as we could," Gore said. "But also what we give them is everything they expect."

Installation to the entire city will probably be completed by January or February. The main cable lines have been installed, but wiring from those lines to individual houses will take about 12 weeks.

Houses will get service one by one in clusters, called nodes.

Sunflower Broadband representatives will be going door-to-door beginning today explaining the new service.

High-speed Internet Service, along with Digital Cable with 200 channels can also be installed in upgraded homes two to four weeks after they are connected.

"It's as advanced and high-tech as anywhere in the world," Gore said.

Premium channels HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Encore and the Movie Channel can also be purchased with a set-top box from Sunflower Broadband.

Currently, Tonganoxie residents have to use traps, small metal attachment to lines on poles that trap out a signal from coming in. They are connected to poles on houses.

Residents can pick up new channel listings and information about Sunflower Broadband's numerous offerings at The Mirror newspaper office, 520 E. Fourth St. in Tonganoxie.

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