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Chinstraps and Mouthpieces

Christmas gifts for you: songs, season bowl set

December 26, 2001

It's been a pretty busy holiday season, and although it's a day late, here's a grab bag of gifts.
To continue the festive season, I give you two newly released Christmas carols.
The lyrics are new; the music is not. It's kind of a cross between P. Diddy and Weird All Yankovic.
Perhaps my name will one day be spoken in the same breath as Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby or Irving Berlin.
Moving on, fans wondering who will win the 137 remaining bowl games can be found after these future chart-toppers.
Happy Holidays.

Nebraska the Red-clad Husker
(Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
Nebraska the red-clad Huskers,
had a very crazy year.
Colorado romped in Boulder,
that NU kid shed many a tear;
All of the other league schools
said the BCS was lame,
they never thought the 'Huskers
should be in the Rose Bowl game;
Then one funny December night,
ABC came to say;
NU with your fans so, um, bright,
the title is now in your sight!
Then how Miami loved them,
as 'Canes shouted out with glee
We get to play the big one,
against the Big 12's third-place team.

Tongie Sports
(Jingle Bells)
Sitting at the break,
with a one-game winning streak;
boys' basketball has seen,
just one game in Tongie;
The girls have had tough luck,
the "O" can sometimes thrive;
against the Lansing Lions
Eisman scored 25
Tongie Sports, Tongie Sports,
Wrestling jumped out strong,
Time will fly in 2002,
State will be here before long

2001-02 Bowl lineup
If all bowls are exciting as last week's GMAC Bowl, it will be a great bowl season. Marshall erased a huge East Carolina lead and won in double overtime, 64-61. Here are select bowl predictions.

Gridiron Classic
Team USA vs. Team Florida.
Florida players, but are they this good? Maybe Florida wants to secede. Next week's opponent: Puerto Rico. USA wins, 35-21.
Las Vegas Bowl
Southern California (6-5) vs. Utah (7-4)
Like most writers who make bowl predictions, I don't know much about half of the teams. USC is in the Pac-10 and Utah is in the Mountain West, or is it the Western Athletic Conference? Either way, USC wins, 28-21.
Seattle Bowl
Georgia Tech (7-5) vs. Stanford (9-2)
A battle of two schools with coaches who were potential replacements for Bob Davie at Notre Dame. GT's George O'Leary had it, then resigned because of his false biography records. Stanford prevails, 35-24.
Independence Bowl
Iowa State (7-4) vs. Alabama (6-5)
The Cyclones continue their recent winning ways, 28-27. Bowl
Texas A&M (7-4) vs. Texas Christian (6-5)
For more information, go to www.texasa& Aggies 31, Horned Frogs 17
Holiday Bowl
Texas (10-2) vs. Washington (8-3)
Texas wants to forget squandering its chance for a national title; Huskies want to remember how they played before Miami destroyed them. Texas, 34-20.
Alamo Bowl
Texas Tech (7-4) vs. Iowa (6-5)
Tough call. Texas Tech played well after losing to Kansas in an overtime game in Lubbock, Texas. Tech 38, Iowa 31. Bowl
Kansas State (6-5) vs. Syracuse (9-3)
The purple caravan won't be as large this year, but fewer fans won't have a bearing. The Wildcats will beat Orangemen in rematch. K-State, 27-22.

Sun Bowl
Washington State (9-2) vs. Purdue (6-5)
So many bowls, so little time. The Magic 8 Ball says: Washington State 28, Purdue 24.

Humanitarian Bowl
Louisiana Tech (7-4) vs. Clemson (6-5).
Nothing says bowl road trip like Boise, Idaho. Both teams have strong quarterbacks, but Clemson prevails, 42-39.

Silicon Valley Classic
Fresno State (11-2) vs. Michigan State (6-5)
Free Microsoft software for the first 5,000 fans. Fresno State ends fun season with win against Spartans, 29-28.

Liberty Bowl
Brigham Young (12-1) vs. Louisville (10-2)
BYU's bid for a perfect season was soundly declined with Hawaii's 72-45 win. Louisville will send Cougars out with two-game losing streak, 41-21.

Peach Bowl
North Carolina (7-5) vs. Auburn (7-4)
Strange. Tar Heel fans are looking more forward to a bowl game than another basketball game. Auburn wins, 34-24.

Outback Bowl
Ohio State (7-4) vs. South Carolina (7-4)
This should be one of the better bowl games. Wins against Michigan and a Lou Holtz team all in one year. Ohio State, 24-20.

Cotton Bowl
Arkansas (7-4) vs. Oklahoma (10-2).
Remember the 1986 Orange Bowl when these two teams played? Same result Sooners win, 38-22.

Gator Bowl
Virginia Tech (8-3) vs. Florida State (7-4)
Wouldn't it be crazy to see the Seminoles at 7-5? Hokies, 28-3.

Citrus Bowl
Michigan (8-3) vs. Tennessee (10-2)
Vols back on Rocky Top. Tennessee, 27-25.

Fiesta Bowl
Colorado (10-2) vs. Oregon (10-1)
Another great game. Buffaloes will continue their comeback season, 31-30.

Sugar Bowl
Illinois (10-1) vs. Louisiana State (9-3)
It's fun to have a couple new faces around. Illinois wins, 17-14.

Orange Bowl
Maryland (10-1) vs. Florida (9-2).
The Cinderella Terrapins will finish great season. Maryland, 35-29.

Rose Bowl
Miami (11-0) vs. Nebraska (11-1)
The Granddaddy will be a fun one. Nebraska could prove people wrong, but Miami will get the title this year, 21-20.

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