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Deadline nears for city license

December 26, 2001

Even though the deadline for Tonganoxie businesses to obtain licenses is Jan. 1, the city likely will be lenient on business owners.

"We're not going to send out fines on January 2," said Kathy Bard, assistant to the city administrator.

All businesses are required to obtain licenses by the start of 2002. City council members approved the measure in July, which former city administrator Chris Clark proposed as a way to help city staffers track sales tax collections.

Bard said last week that she'd received 62 applications.

"That's pretty good, I would say," Bard said.

The business license is free, but failure to obtain one comes with a possible fine of between $100 and $500. Bard said businesses would have a few months in the new year to get the license. Businesses that haven't obtained licenses would be sent reminders.

In July, Clark said sales tax collection accounts for about 30 percent of the city's revenue.

Business licenses will be issued annually, and home-based businesses are required to obtain a license, as are general businesses.

The business license application seeks general information about the business and owner, such as address and phone number. Description of the business is also needed. Auto dealerships, contractors, nursing homes, refuse haulers, retail businesses and restaurants are a few of the businesses on the general list. Home occupations include hair salon, day care, office and others.

The application asks the business owner to designate someone other than the owner to contact in case of an emergency.

Applications are available at city hall, 321 Delaware, P.O Box 326, Tonganoxie, 66018. For more information, call city hall, 845-2620.

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