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Chief of police right about speed limits


February 14, 2001

Tonganoxie's police chief plans to take on the Kansas Department of Transportation. And every resident of Tonganoxie should be working with the chief to ensure he's successful.

Ken Carpenter wants lower speed limits along U.S. Highway 24-40 through Tonganoxie. He also is interested in stop- lights, as well as pedestrian crossings along the heavily traveled highway.

Carpenter is busy talking with various groups in an effort to gain their support. He chatted Monday night with both the city council and the school board. He essentially has been told by local representatives to the Kansas Legislature that they will be willing to carry his water on this issue if he garners community support.

This is one issue that all members of this community should be able to get behind. The issue of safety along that highway is paramount. And as traffic counts increase, the issue of safety will be underscored.

We should not wait until a child is killed or an adult is critically injured to take action.

Carpenter is right. The time is now. Before it's too late.

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