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FFA alumni cultivate resources for current students’ projects

February 21, 2001

A quiet but dedicated group of adults reaches out to bolster the high school's FFA chapter.

"In education a teacher can't do it all, and they need outside support from parents and the community so that the teacher can expand their role towards the students," Margie Starcher said.

Starcher is one of the many people involved in the FFA Alumni group for the Tonganoxie area.

Parents and community members from all over the Tonganoxie area participate in the group.

The FFA Alumni has been official for three years at Tonganoxie High School and is a great help to the FFA members and instructor Russell Plaschka, who is also FFA sponsor.

Members of the alumni group lend a helping hand when Plaschka needs sponsors and they assist the FFA in funding for leadership conferences of other activities.

At the leadership conference at Tonganoxie High School, the group provided a hospitality room for the teachers and one for the students. The alumni group also gives scholarship money to FFA students who plan on going to college.

This year the group divided two scholarships to three students who participated in the summer leadership conference in Washington, D.C. To help out in the classroom they funded a computer for the students and Plaschka.

The FFA Alumni group is extended throughout the Tonganoxie area. Parents who are a part of the FFA Alumni act as a support group to the students. Members do not need to be FFA alumni, they just need to be supportive of the FFA students and willing to help out.

The group holds meetings at 7:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of every month in the agriculture trailer at Tonganoxie High School.

If interested in joining the group, attend a meeting, or contact Plaschka at (913) 845 2654 or (913) 369-3332 or Margie Starcher at (913) 724-2852.

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