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Cakes now centerpiece of weddings
February 26, 2001
After the “I do’s” are murmured and the toasts shouted, the bride and groom soon conduct their first task together as husband and wife.
Wedding wish lists go high-tech
February 26, 2001
When you’re shopping for a gift for your best friend’s wedding, don’t be surprised if their bridal registry includes digital cameras and cell phones alongside the traditional linens and bath towels.
A walk on the wild side
A wedding outside of the country calls for planning
February 26, 2001
More and more, couples are tying the knot in exotic destinations, making their special event even more memorable.
A quick money quiz
February 26, 2001
So you’re months, maybe even weeks away from the big day. Your partner popped the question and gave you a ring, but have you popped the really big question? You know, the question that involves the “M” word?
Agreement on money issues important for marital success
February 26, 2001
For many newlyweds, the honeymoon ends when the bills begin to arrive. This is especially true if either spouse entered the marriage with financial commitments such as car loans, student loans or alimony payments.
From roses to lilies, flowers provide beauty
Flowers convey the many messages of love
February 26, 2001
Almost every wedding today is graced with flowers. From the bride’s bouquet to the church’s pews, flowers have become a way of expressing a couple’s individuality and adding beauty to an already extraordinary event.