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A walk on the wild side

A wedding outside of the country calls for planning

February 26, 2001

More and more, couples are tying the knot in exotic destinations, making their special event even more memorable.

One of the most romantic ways couples are choosing to say "I do" is outside of the country.

Who could deny the romantic aura of Italy's Venice, or the adventurous thrill of a marriage atop the Swiss Alps. Can you imagine saying your vows with a breezy ocean backdrop as the sun's setting rays fall below the horizon?

Unfortunately, these dreamy visions are often clouded over with the forgotten details and hidden hassles involved in getting hitched outside of the country.

Many couples are so swept away with the idea of their exotic marriage that they fail to make sufficient plans before, during and after the ceremony, turning their dream wedding into a nuptial nightmare.

But with a little extra planning and know-how, couples can have the wedding destination of their dreams. The four tips below can be used as a guideline and checklist for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs., and help ensure your exotic wedding goes off without a glitch.

Revising the guest list
After choosing a location for your wedding, it's important to figure out whom you want to invite to the ceremony.

Be realistic with your expectations. If you've chosen Fiji as your wedding destination, it may be difficult and expensive for many guests to attend.

One option is to have a reception for guests who couldn't be there after you return.

This way is one way that you can share yet another special moment with your new spouse and as well as with your many family and friends.

Required wedding research
A key element of your wedding-abroad is researching the marriage requirements of your chosen destination.

In Italy, for example, couples are required to visit at least three different offices in order to receive approval from the Italian authorities.

It's also important to research the documents that are needed before you get on the plane. Is a birth certificate or divorce decree required?

These are important questions to consider before you make your way to the wedding location.

Honeymoon and wedding all-in-one
Many couples choose to stay on at their wedding location for a memorable honeymoon.

But as you prepare for your vacation / wedding, it's important to realize that getting caught up in last minute details can ruin the ceremony, and leave you frazzled for days afterwards.

For this reason, it's crucial to plan as much as you can before you leave.

If you want certain flowers at the ceremony, make sure they are available at the location before you start trying to find a favorite flower that doesn't grow on the island.

Leave it to the experts
If you are having difficulty researching marriage requirements, hire a professional from the area or a service to help you sort through the details.

Not only can a professional ease any existing language barriers, they can also recommend chapels, hotels and supply you with many, many more options than you may be able to find on your own. But be sure that you check references or contact previous customers of these professionals. Wherever you decide to hold your wedding ceremony, it's important to do a little fact checking before your group begins arriving at your wedding destination.

Whether you decide to elope in the mountains or along the Seine in Paris, research ahead of time can go a long way in creating a special and memorable wedding day.

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