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Wedding wish lists go high-tech

February 26, 2001

When you're shopping for a gift for your best friend's wedding, don't be surprised if their bridal registry includes digital cameras and cell phones alongside the traditional linens and bath towels.

According to Laurie Bauer from Minneapolis-based Best Buy, more and more couples are registering for non-traditional gift items.

"Technology plays a big role in today's weddings, from the ever-present camcorder to the latest fad of e-mailing digital wedding photos to friends and family unable to attend," she said.

"Today's technology products save time and make life more fun so it's not surprising to see consumer electronics on the wish lists of bridal couples."

Bauer offers a high-tech list of wedding gifts to make the newlywed's life together even better:

Help the new couple stay connected and ensure they have your correct address with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). PDAs are perfect for organizing the busy schedule of any married couple, and today's models can perform a host of other functions. New PDAs from Handspring can perform e-mail, work as a digital camera or even act as an MP3 player. PDAs start at $149.

Music makes for a lot of great memories for most couples. With the help of a CD-recorder, the newlyweds can burn their own CDs and make a soundtrack of their favorite song. CD-recorder prices start under $400.

With a digital camera, you can share wedding photos with family and friends in just minutes.

With no film to develop, digital cameras are convenient and easy to use. Prices range from $89 to around $1,300.

Every new couple should start their life together with a home computer. Great for family time together exploring the Internet, playing games or emailing loved ones throughout the world.

For couples who are movie fans, watching a favorite romantic film on DVD provides digital picture and sound, and an opportunity for a few hours together.

Titles including Gone With the Wind Shakespeare in Love, My Best Friend's Wedding and the Wedding Singer range from $19.99 to $24.99. DVD players start as low as $129.99.

Help the couple make movie time even more exciting with a new Digital Television.

DTV offers a picture quality far superior to today's analog sets and makes sources like DVD, DBS and VHS look incredible.

There are more than 15 models to choose from, ranging in price from $999 to $11,999.

You can ensure the new couple never misses their favorite shows by giving them a Digital Video Recorder. DVRs can record your favorite programs digitally, with no videotape required.

They can also pause live TV and create instant replays of scenes you want to see again.

Models are available from Panasonic (ReplayTV) and Philips (TiVo) starting at $399.99.

For couples who are travel or fitness buffs, a portable MP3 player is the perfect gift. With more than 10 models available, portable MP3 is the best way to listen to music from the Internet in its most popular format (MP3 files).

Compact, lightweight and skip-free, these MP3 players are great for couples who are on the go. Prices start under $150.

Show the couple you really care by giving the gift of ultimate home entertainment Sony Playstation2.

With Playstation2, the newlyweds will get the finest gaming machine on the market with cutting-edge graphics and amazing sound.

In addition, they can use it as a DVD or CD player, for total home entertainment.

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