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Kansas tax system improving

February 28, 2001

With April quickly approaching, thoughts turn to standard deductions and allowable tax credits. Yes, it's income tax time again. The paperwork, record keeping, filing and paying are facts of life for most Americans.

Here in Kansas, I am proud to say the collecting and processing of state income tax returns is going better than ever.

During this year's round of tax processing, the Kansas Department of Revenue expects to receive 1.5 million tax returns.

Recent system improvements and technology innovations at the agency have bolstered customer service, increased responsiveness and reduced processing time.

Quite simply, the Kansas tax processing system is in the best shape ever.

Kansas taxpayers have played a significant role in these improvements. Last year, more than 340,000 Kansans filed electronic tax returns with the state.

The electronic returns are the most efficient way to get a fast refund and an accurate tax record.

Kansas now uses state-of-the-art computer technology to process returns and the new technology allows for incredibly fast turnaround of electronic returns.

Electronic tax filing lowers the risk for errors because the numbers are entered digitally and the forms are easier to read than hand-written documents.

Tax calculations made by the taxpayer can be verified easily. Preparing your taxes on a personal computer also lowers your chance of making mathematical errors that could result in delays when processing your return.

I am pleased with the improvements in tax processing and the high level of commitment to customer service shown by the Kansas Department of Revenue.

If you have questions for the agency about tax accounts and forms, you can call the Kansas Taxline at (877) 526-7738.

If you have already filed your return and would like to check on the status of a refund, the Refund Information Line is (800) 894-0318. Taxpayer information is also available on the KDOR web site at:

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