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February 28, 2001

Stand up and speak out

To the editor:

As many of you know there was a fire at the Cedar Hills apartment complex and many residents have expressed concern over maintenance requests that have not been addressed by the management. Last week many of the tenants gathered for a meeting to gather information about what laws exist to help and what is needed. Christopher Clark, the city administrator, was present to discuss building codes. Mr. Clark decided to point me out and told everyone about how I had a problem with my apartment and how he and Mr. Pinnick, the city inspector, came in and remedied the problem. I said the problem was not resolved at which point Mr. Clark snapped at me "that is a matter of opinion" and then turned his back on me.

I believe that I live in a free and democratic society and one of my rights as a citizen of this society is the freedom to have my own opinion, whether or not it agrees with the government's opinion, local or otherwise. Our little town is going through a lot of growing pains right now and I believe now more than ever we need to voice our opinions so that we grow both within our financial means and in a manner that keeps our citizens safe. I understand that the future of our town means growth and changes, but before we get ahead of ourselves let us first take care of the basics. I was shocked to learn that we do not have a building code, something so simple that would demand certain standards to make our homes safer. How do we remedy this situation? Voice our opinion, let the city know that safety issues are important and so are our ideas. Don't sit down and shut up, stand up and speak out for Tonganoxie's future.

Angela Lenahan,


Praise for basketball team

To the editor:

My name is William Hicks and I am the grandfather of Tyler Williams from Lawrence.

Tyler was in Lawrence Memorial Hospital the weekend of the Super Bowl, and all of the Tonganoxie High School basketball team came to visit him. I just want to let all of the players and coaches know how very much Tyler and all of his family appreciated the visit.

The whole town should know that you have my respect for a "job well done." Also I've been one who's always thought the young people of this generation need to be given the credit they deserve for the good and positive works they do, and not focus on the bad that a very, very few do.

To let you all know, Tyler is home and doing very well. Again a big thank you for your time and concern.

William Hicks and the rest of Tyler's family,


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