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THS parent promoting golf as sport

February 28, 2001

A Tonganoxie golfer wants to encourage the high school to establish a golf team. And he's willing to help put up the dollars to do it.

Bob Norris, who with his wife, Nancy, have three children in high school, plans to sponsor a golf tour this summer and donate half of any money he makes to the school district.

At the Feb. 12 school district board meeting, Norris asked board members if they would be willing to accept funding. He said the money wouldn't necessarily have to be used to establish a golf program, but said he hoped it would be used for that.

Richard Erickson, school superintendent, said he a golf program would be a wonderful addition to the school.

"I certainly think it's another extracurricular activity that would be nice for our students," Erickson said. "I don't think we can have too many activities that's one of the ways that students really connect to our school."

As far as if any monies received from Norris would actually be used to establish a golf program, Erickson said that would be up to the board.

What Norris has in mind is to hold six golf tournaments in which up to 72 players can participate.

Norris, who started golfing a few years ago by hitting balls at the Field of Dreams near Basehor, said he learned the game well enough that now he's able to compete with the pros at area courses.

He believes that golf is a lifetime sport.

"I think it's the most important sport to teach our kids, because it can be used after high school and after college," Norris said. "Football you can't play all your life, basketball you can't play all your life, but golf you can."

Norris said his income from the tournaments, if they each have the full number of participants, should total a maximum of about $6,000 this year. As he told board members, half of whatever he earns would be given to the school district.

Further, he's hoping a local business would make a matching donation to get the program started.

"If I can give $3,000, depending on what I make this year, and if someone would match that, we would probably have a golf team next year," Norris said.

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