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2001 resolutions for near and far

January 3, 2001

Resolutions are typically something that individuals make for themselves. But this time around, we're asking area residents what they would say if they could make resolutions for the world, country, state, county, city or society.

Roger Shilling, owner of Shilling Electric, looked at the military.

"My resolution would be to bring the boys home from Bosnia," Shilling said. "They promised to be there less than a year and how long have they been there three years now? He lied, he lies all the time, Mr. Clinton. I think Powell and Bush and our new secretary of defense will probably resolve this problem. Let's hope. Nobody likes to be lied to."

Dale Dickinson, owner of Machine Parts, said he'd like to see the government repeal the free trade agreement, which, he said, allows importation of low-cost products that can compete with like products manufactured in the United States. When the free trade agreement went into effect, Dickinson lost a $20,000 a year contract.

"That's a lot of money for a small business in Tonganoxie to lose," he said.

He doesn't think the free trade agreement will be repealed. "But that's what needs to be done," he said.

Kay Soetaert, former owner of Legal Printing and Powerhouse Graphics, spoke of hopes for near and far.

"My resolution of the world would be to come to a peace agreement in the Middle East," Soetaert said. "Years of this action have destroyed too many generations and their hopes. I hope this country will really work 'together' as promised by our new president. And, for our city, I hope our growth is right for all the new and the old as Tonganoxie has been a good home for many and can be for years to come."

Mike Gibbens, a Tonganoxie attorney, had a simple but worldly resolution one that could apply to everyone, everywhere.

"I'd wish for peace and happiness," Gibbens said.

Larry Shepek, insurance agent, said he looks forward to seeing continued economic growth for the city of Tonganoxie. Also, he noted, he'd like to see residents and officials work together to make the city and county look better.

"I'd like to see the cleanup in the areas that can be cleaned up," Shepek said.

On a national note, Shepek said he also looks forward to the future.

"It will be interesting to see the next four years of stability put back in the presidency," he said.

Earl Parsons, retired farmer, said he hoped Tonganoxie's spirit of volunteerism and show of growth would continue. "I go back to the time that Larry Meadows got the ground for the VFW and it seems like ever since then Tonganoxie's just been a booming," Parsons said. "The people that's volunteered for one thing or another, it's really fascinating. After the tornado when I went up town and saw the whole town was out doing things and taking care of things, it seemed like everybody was out there volunteering. It just kind of got me to know that that many people were getting involved. Also, there's a lot of construction going on with all the new houses and the additions at B&J Apple Market and Mutual Savings. I think Tonganoxie's headed for higher ground."

Joe Daniels, newly elected Leavenworth County commissioner, said the turn of the year, and now the millennium, is a prime time for society to change.

"I think that the best thing that we should do is to think about the new year and think about it being truly the new millennium," Daniels said. "We've got a clean slate, maybe we could try to reinvent the work ethic and make sure that we're good people grounded on good ethics."

On the county level, Daniels noted the rapid growth in the county. "We've got new buildings going in and so forth and we've got to be judicious on how we treat our budgets. We're in a changing times, that's for sure."

Gordon Hurlburt, retired farmer, said his advice for the U.S. government would be: "Make a little peace in the country."

And, if he had the opportunity to speak in person to George W. Bush, Hurlburt said he'd give this simple advice: "Be like your daddy. He was a good and decent man."

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