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The media’s questions seem truly meaningless


January 3, 2001

After a tornado devastated portions of Tonganoxie last May, the eyes of northeast Kansas were on this city.

For several days, television crews, as well as newspaper reporters and photographers and radio broadcasters flocked to Tonganoxie. There was news to be covered, and the media came in droves, hoping to impart to their viewers, readers and listeners some of the drama that had unfolded on the night of May 11.

They wanted everyone to know how it felt to be a small town that had been the target of Mother Nature's fury.

Once again, Tonganoxie has attracted the attention of the media.

Last Thursday, a Lawrence man who has volunteered with youth at Tonganoxie's United Methodist Church was arrested on allegations of sexual abuse of five teen-age boys. He was charged Tuesday afternoon in Douglas County District Court.

Camera crews from a Kansas City area television station, as well as reporters from area newspapers, again drove to Tonganoxie. They hung out on Fourth Street, asking such probing questions as, "What do you think about all of this?" Again, they wanted everyone to know how members of our community felt.

It's questions such as those at times such as this that make most of us shake our heads.

Those of us in Tonganoxie think this is a horrible situation. Who would think otherwise? Those of us in Tonganoxie feel sadness for the young members of our community who are involved in this. Who would think otherwise? Those of us in Tonganoxie hope that the church is not ripped apart by this. Who would think otherwise?

Perhaps now that this story is nearly a week old, the media visitors will forget about our community. Thankfully, their memories tend to be short.

Otherwise, they would remember what it is to feel.

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