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City Council Briefs

January 10, 2001

Clerk's job may leave the political arena

The Tonganoxie city clerk's job could be changing.

City administrator Chris Clark asked city council members Monday night to consider making the clerk's job a regular city position rather than having the clerk appointed by the mayor.

"I think that it would stabilize that job. It would make it more secure, not subject to the changing of mayors and political influence," said council member Ray Usher.

Council member Janet Angell said she sees pros and cons to the idea, but said it should be looked into.

Clark is investigating how this might be done.

"I think that the city is reaching a certain size, and this would be a more traditional practice of having the clerk as an employee," Clark said. "It's just part of the progression of government. It does offer to the employee a position with a little bit more peace of mind."

City hopes to find way to clear snow

Because of recent snowstorms, the city wants to find a more efficient way to clear streets, especially downtown.

"We need to get a plan for heavy snows," said Council member Ray Usher.

Council member David Hernandez said he thought the city could do a better job. He suggested that the city plow the snow to the middle of the street, leaving the intersections open. Then, the snow could be more easily cleared and hauled off. The council also discussed the possibility of blowing snow on downtown sidewalks into the street before clearing it.

Mayor John Franiuk said there was an agreement not to use mechanical equipment to clear the sidewalks downtown.

"We have to take care of it as soon as the snow hits the ground," he said.

Clark said that the agreement was made between the former city administrator, Chris Eppley, and the business owners when the project was under way or nearly completed. He wanted to try to preserve work that had been done. So, Eppley bought a five-year supply of a special ice melt that wouldn't harm the new concrete.

A few businesses used mechanical devices to clear the sidewalks. One of the electrical outlets in front of Fourth Street Cafas damaged from it.

City limits signs taking a trip soon

The city soon should move city limits signs to reflect the new boundaries of the city.

At the last council meeting, boundaries for the city were redefined. Moving the signs out is a natural progression from that. The signs would move out close to Leavenworth County Roads 1 and 25.

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