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Students’ successes reflect on community


January 24, 2001

What's the matter with kids today? For many of the students at Tonganoxie High School, the answer is nothing, absolutely nothing.

In fact, these students have so much going for them that their achievements can't help but reflect positively on our entire community.

Whether it's the debate team or the cheerleading squad, the athletic teams or a young poet, the Marching Chieftains or the singing Chieftains, students are reaching for the stars and touching them. And, in turn, the light shines brightly on the city of Tonganoxie.

When young people dedicate themselves to hard work and see the fruits of their labors, it can be contagious. More students want to step into the spotlight. It's the thing to do.

And so we applaud the many efforts of these young members of our community and thank the adults who have helped guide them down the path toward success.

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