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Elected county officials receive pay raise

January 31, 2001

Leavenworth County commissioners have approved a $1,133 annual pay hike for themselves and five other elected county officials.

The total amount given to the eight officials $9,064 is equivalent to a 2.5 percent pay increase. However, Commissioner Don Navinsky suggested that the total be divided equally among the eight.

So the higher an official is paid, the lower the percentage increase that official received.

Commissioners Navinsky, and Bob Adams and Joe Daniels Jr. received an increase of about 3 percent, taking their salaries from $37,877 to $39,010.

The highest-paid elected official, District Attorney Frank Kohl, however, received a pay increase of about 1.8 percent from $64,296 to $65,429.

Sheriff Herb Nye's salary increased from $53,176 to $54,309, and the salaries of County Clerk Linda Scheer, Register of Deeds Stacy Driscoll and

Treasurer Janice Young increased from $43,795 to $44,928.

The commission also unanimously increased the amount employees are reimbursed for mileage from 30 cents to 32 cents a mile.

Last year the county commission OK'd a 2.5 percent increase for each elected official.

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