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Letter: Frustrated over deadlock

July 3, 2001

My original letter to the editor was intended to provoke some response from someone other than the usual people. I am very surprised, however, that anyone would assume that because I am a city employee I am in total agreement with everything that has transpired at City Hall. I don't write the editor as a city employee, but as a Tonganoxie citizen, taxpayer and registered voter.

If you know me, then you know, as my original letter stated, that I feel very strongly about government responsibility to the people footing the bill. I'm not in the "political arena," nor have I had any problem with performing my duties fairly and with integrity, for almost 20 years. I did not waive all my rights and responsibility as a private citizen when I accepted a position with the city.

What frustrates me is to watch government deadlocked, not able to get anything done, because no one thing pleases everyone. The loud nay-saying and negativism is not producing the answers to the problems the city faces.

Mark Williams,


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