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Sportswriter participating in a dangerous game

July 3, 2001

Andrea Korb has had her unfair share of bad luck with 12 broken bones, but two can play at this game, Ms. Korb.

I've managed to break both of my feet, one my junior year in football and the other my senior year in track. Both involved uncoordination with some type of rope, whether it be rope drills in football or a weighted jump rope in track.

But after Sunday, I'm inching oh so close to Korb's numbers.

After awaking from my slumber more than a week ago, I walked down the stairs at my house. After falling for roughly 3.8 seconds, my left toes weren't feeling grand. The pinky toe had the distinct feeling of a break, but it's a little difficult to throw a cast on a person's smallest toe. Bruises came and went and the toe has healed to pretty much top form. Despite the fairly speedy recovery, we'll go ahead and call it a break.

Korb 12, Linenberger 3.

I earned another point Sunday night while playing in a men's slow-pitch softball league at Heritage Park near Olathe. Playing at first base, I ran after a wild throw to the catcher from third base. My right knee didn't maneuver as it was supposed to, and my night of softball had ended.

My X-rays were negative, but having a double major in journalism and medicine, and knowing the knee hurts, we'll register this one as a break as well.

Korb 12, Linenberger 4.

OK, so she's had some other injuries that didn't break anything, and those should probably be factored in. Then again, she's younger and more active, so her opportunities for broken bones are better than my chances.

It's tough to tell if I can break 10 unanswered bones for the tie, but I'm pretty sure if Korb breaks any more, her recovery time will always be shorter than a slow-pitch first baseman.


The Tonganoxie Braves continue to tear through their summer schedule. The 11- and 12-year-old division softball team is 35-10 after winning the Freedom Fourth of July Tournament during the weekend at the Johnson County Girls' Softball Association Complex. It was the team's fifth tournament crown in six tries. The nonwinning effort was a second-place finish.

The team's next tournament will be July 14-15 at the Johnson County GSA Complex. The team will also play in a national tournament July 24-29 in Oklahoma City. The team will have a car wash from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at East Side Auto Parts, 1204 U.S. Highway 24-40.

Locals other than parents should attend a game when the Braves are in town. A team playing that many games in a season and being that successful deserves some support.


Welcome to the University of Kansas' new era in athletics. With former Fresno State athletics director Allen Bohl at the helm, the program is expected to generate some more revenue to combat financial woes that, unfortunately, led to cutting men's tennis and men's swimming. Supporters of the tennis and swimming teams probably don't enjoy Bohl earning $89,000 more a year than Bob Frederick (Bohl will get $255,000 per year). Kansas, though, appeared to make an investment in an administrator known for strong fund-raising.


Eric Chenowith will leave the media rat race of northeast Kansas for New York with the Knicks picking him in the NBA draft. It probably wouldn't be in the center's best interest to tell Spike Lee or other New Yorkers he wins because he is in the pros and they're not.

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