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Agreement reached on cut plan

July 11, 2001

A cut policy will not be pursued at Tonganoxie High School, but a compromise might satisfy coaches and those against the cut policy.

John Lee, athletics director, said that extra participants in high school sports will be placed on a C-team.

"There was quite a bit of opposition to the cut policy," Lee said. "If that's the way the school and community feel, that's great. I think it's a pretty happy medium."

Lee said the sports the policy will most likely affect are basketball and volleyball because of court space. At this point, the C-teams will practice at the north gym in the elementary school or late in the evening in the junior high on non-game nights.

Boys basketball coach Dave Walker and other THS coaches favored the cut policy, but apparently the community did not.

Despite a strong opposition to the activities cut policy, he said it was interesting that activities such as dance team and cheerleading involve a cut policy without objection.

"I can understand where everyone's coming from," Walker said. "The more kids we get involved, the better.

"But people have to understand what we're trying to do because of numbers and that we can only have 12 players for sub-State."

Walker also cited court space as a concern.

The C-team will probably play in a local recreational league. If any seniors are put on the team, they won't be able to participate in high school games because a Frontier League rule states that seniors can't play anything but varsity. The teams will wear school-issued uniforms.

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