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July 18, 2001

Happy Helpers 4-H Club

The monthly meeting of the Happy Helpers 4-H club was called to order by Denise Gibbens on July 11. Roll call was answered by "name something that is red, white and blue." A total of 16 members were present. After the minutes from the previous meeting were read, Mrs. Gibbens gave the leaders report. She read off some of the upcoming events at the fair and said she had prepared a packet about the pet and cat show. The food stand committee reported they needed hamburger to be cooked, and they needed fair workers.

On July 22, the fair float committee members are meeting at the Bailey Schultz house. Mrs. Rollins said club members enjoyed the club tour.

The club voted to have the after-fair party later in the year. The club voted to wait and decide on an election committee until the August meeting.

Mrs. Rollins congratulated the senior district qualifiers. Mrs. Bauerly announced she is having a stitchery meeting. Mrs. Vogel said she would be pleased to help anyone on their sketching and drawing projects. The club fed the birthday pig.

The 4-H members who went to Rock Springs 4-H camp gave their camp talks.

Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club

The regular monthly meeting of the Reno Bobwhites 4-H club was called to order on July 5 by President David Barnes. The pledge to the American flag was led by Krisi Skaggs.

The 4-H pledge was led by Ben Reynolds. Nicole Allen and Patrick Monahan lead the club in singing "America, the Beautiful." Roll call was answered by "something that makes me happy." The club safety camp is July 19. The club tour will be on July 30. Broc Wood read the poem "The Fourth of July" by Gladys C. Winkleblack. Jason Miles gave an illustrated talk entitled "The Building Blocks of a Good Market Lamb". Nicole Allen recited Romans 12:1-8. Lysa Holwick gave an illustration about "When, Where and How to Catch a Bass." Hannah Davidson and Thomas Dohle gave a talk about the reptiles and amphibians project. They had tubs of toads, frogs, turtles, and even a snake to show us.

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