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Government should deliver service

July 18, 2001

July marks the halfway point of the calendar year, but it's the start of a brand-new fiscal year for the state of Kansas.

Most everyone is aware of the financial challenges facing our state. Budgeting is a key component of state government, and we now have a budget road map in place that will get us where we need to go.

Here in government our belts may be a little tighter, but Kansans should still receive the quality customer service they've come to expect.

On Main Street of any community in Kansas, customer service rules the marketplace.

Business leaders offering the best service get the most customers. If you're not satisfied with the goods or services, you have the option of taking your business down the street, or to the neighboring town. If enough customers do that, the merchant is forced to improve his or her customer service.

The merchant's incentive is simple no customers, no income.

Customer service has a different reputation in government.

If you need to renew a drivers license, or use any of the hundreds of services provided by state government, you don't have the option of taking your business elsewhere if you don't like the service.

Your leverage, though, is even greater you're paying for government, and you have every right to expect prompt, courteous service.

Government exists to serve your needs. Government services should be prompt and efficient, regardless of economic trends or budget cycles.

During my time as governor, I like to think we have come a long way in defining customer service. This is not a radical new theory designed to revolutionize public service. It is good old-fashioned Kansas common courtesy.

I simply borrowed a few lessons learned from watching the most successful Kansas businesses. Quality customer service leads to better customer relations.

In government, as in business, make the customer happy and you have done your job.

Those of us who work in government should always remember that you are the customer.

We also need to remember that you are the boss.

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