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Letter to the editor

July 18, 2001

This letter is a wake-up call to the sincere, hard working city employees and to all you wonderful taxpayers! You all just got billed for another of the city's mistakes, the illegal hiring and retention of Kathy Bard!

Don't be fooled by the city's political maneuvering which stripped Bard of city clerk title and so generously gave it to Karen Daniels, who by the way, recruited Bard for the clerk job. Bard is still functioning as city clerk but under the new title of assistant city administrator.

Now for a lesson in math $1,400 for an election which said 60 percent to 40 percent that you did not want Bard as city clerk. But city officials, on advice from Attorney Crow (an uncalculated tax cost) said, we'll keep Bard and just give her a new title another position created and filled noncompetitively. Bard is still functioning as city clerk but under a new title and a proposed $3,882 salary increase. Now add $7,000 for the Labor Management Advisory Group survey, conducted to justify the city's actions, which, by the way, includes $5,542 "special step" increases for Clark and Chief Carpenter. Then add a mere $5,651 to cover the proposed "next step" for all other city employees. Got the picture?

On a final note, when you hard working, conscientious employees are out in 100-degree or freezing temperatures, try to feel good about paying more for your health benefits so the city can compensate Bard in her newly created position and hand Clark and Carpenter their "special" step increases.

N. Jean Lenahan,


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