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Tonganoxie infant battles leukemia

Son of city police officer diagnosed a month after his birth in May

July 18, 2001

Garrett Daily, son of Brian and Megan Daily, Leavenworth, continues to battle a rare form of leukemia.

Garrett, who was born May 9, has infant leukemia, a form of the cancer that was found in just 25 infants last year. The disease was diagnosed on June 11 at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Brain said that Garrett's chance for survival is 30 percent if chemotherapy is successful for 55 consecutive days. Garrett made it halfway through the initial time before chemotherapy failed.

Roughly two weeks ago, there were signs of remission, but the disease is back to a considerable level. If remission is evident on Day 55, though, Garrett has that 30 percent chance.

"That's what we've been hanging our hat on," Brian said. "It's better than nothing."

Lab results on Monday at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., showed that the leukemia was still in remission and chemotherapy would continue.

If the leukemia-cell level were at 5 percent, Brian said doctors suggested not treating it at all, but Garrett is at 4 percent.

"That's the best news we've gotten in a long time," Brian said.

The Garrett family is in search of a bone marrow donor.

No relatives were matches, but two women in Germany were, along with two cord blood donors. All of them must be tested further to make sure they are absolute matches as they are preliminary matches at this point.

The drugs can also take as much of a toll on Garrett as the leukemia.

One early problem involved the cancer entering Garrett's central nervous system. It was treated and appears to not have returned. If it had, radiation would be the only answer, which would in turn cause extreme brain damage.

Brian, who is an officer with the Tonganoxie Police Department, said city employees were donating sick leave.

"Everyone's more than willing to help," Brian said.

Insurance could be a concern soon.

The hospital advised Brian and Megan that they will probably be reaching the cap on their insurance soon.

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