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Youngster seek support for countywide dog show

July 18, 2001

A Tonganoxie boy would like to see the county go to the dogs or at least to a dog show.

Tyler Ridenour, 12, the proud owner of three pedigreed dogs a shih tzu, a lab and a poodle, has made it his mission to establish a dog show in Leavenworth County.

Originally, Tyler was hoping to get a dog show going before this year's county fair, which will be held Aug. 6-11.

But he first needs to raise about $1,000, he said, to cover costs, which would include renting a space and buying trophies and ribbons.

One way to raise the funds would be to charge entrants.

"It would cost roughly $20 to enter their dog," Tyler said. "The money would go into the dog show."

Also, Tyler is seeking donors who would like to contribute.

Tyler said he became interested in dog shows after becoming the owner of a shih tzu, who is now six months old. He's been studying the pup's lineage.

"She's full blood and the 12th generation from the empress dowager of Tibet," he said.

And best of all, Tyler already has her trained.

If his dog show were to be established, he would have competition for puppies, agility trials, best of breed, best of class and talent.

Tyler and his cousins, Kristin Robbins and Sandy Robbins, Perry, have distributed flyers and petitions in Tonganoxie businesses, hoping to find support for their cause.

Tyler is the son of Beth and Jeff Ridenour.

Beth Ridenour said she was surprised when her son told her he'd like to start up a dog show. But his idea to have a show that accepts mixed breeds and doesn't require that the entrants belong to a club, made sense to her.

"I said this involves a great deal of research you need to research this thoroughly to find out what all is involved before you commit yourself to do that," Ridenour said.

That day, he went to the library.

"He researched on the Internet and came home with a backpack full of papers," she said.

Moreover, in recent weeks, Tyler has kept up the work.

"He's been spending three to four hours at the library every day reading and finding out what he can about dog shows," Ridenour said.

Beckie Borella, library director, has been assisting Tyler in research. She also donated the copying of posters and petitions for him. Borella said she's been impressed with Ridenour's desire, as well as his persistence, in researching dog shows. Borella, who works with the local animal rescue group, Have a Heart, said she thinks Tyler may succeed at starting a dog show.

"I'm telling you the kid is bright," Borella said. "He took a little idea and he's going, going down the highway. I know now he needs some adults behind him."

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