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Letter: Election results

June 6, 2001

To the editor:

The last time I looked this town was called Tonganoxie, Kan., not Tonganoxie, Fla. I, for one, am just a little tired of people that don't get what they want when there is an election. The first thing they say is the voters don't understand and that they are confused about what they have read. Well, you are wrong. The people read the ballot and they know what they want. You city council members and you poll workers: You lost; get over it. Thank you, Jean Lenahan and all who helped her with this protest petition. Keep up the good work and the voters will do the rest. My question is who gave the city council members the right to change the city regulations on this matter? I would like to see some feedback on this in the paper.

Ron Bollet,


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