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Letter: Promises?

June 6, 2001

To the editor:

Election is over and the voice said, 168 to 113, we want our city clerk to live in Leavenworth County. A significantly louder voice than the 212 to 203 mayoral race! However, our government will retain Bard and ignore the law and the will of the people they purport to represent.

It is time to re-look the mayor's election promises or quoted "vision for Tonganoxie."

Franiuk said his platform was "based in establishing communication lines between city officials and citizenry." Yet his record demonstrates that no mayor before him has so blatantly ignored the will of the people in matters such as the downtown renovation, VFW building project and the selection of our present city clerk.

Franiuk said his "number one issue" was code enforcement. However, we still have junk cars sitting on city streets for over a year and stray dogs which walk by City Hall daily. Is he randomly enforcing codes while blatantly disregarding ordinances and statutes?

Franiuk promised "community liaison for individual complaints in the city" and "a community center essential for the youth." Unfulfilled promises! He did establish a "mode of communication through the print medium." The Mirror carries summary of the council meetings but information on our city's web page, which costs taxpayers $55 an hour to post, is weeks old.

Another of Franiuk's "major issues" "water sources." The cost to drill wells near Linwood and pipe water to Tonganoxie is estimated to cost over $7 million Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Franiuk's mind was also on rules for "employees taking trucks and equipment." An issue on the public mind as well. But nothing has changed not even Franiuk's mind obviously.

As for Franiuk's last quote, "hopes that people will be more willing to come out and be seen and heard at council meetings." During an open hearing, one person was told to shut up, another was yelled at by a councilman and the issue debated culminated in an ordinance which was negative to the wishes of all those in attendance that night.

I had four people decline signing my petition to keep the residency requirement for city clerk. Their reason? They feared reprisal by city government! I'm sure these people will remember the mayor's "hollow promises" at the next election!

N. Jean Lenahan,


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