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Letter: Mayor’s response

June 13, 2001

To the editor:

I thought I would take a minute to comment on the letters to the editor that were in the June 6, 2001, edition of The Mirror.

The name Franiuk was mentioned eight times in two of the letters to the editor.

I wonder if Lenahan and Shilling have a personal problem with the mayor of Tonganoxie? I also wonder if this personal vendetta could have anything to do with the fact that the mayor did not reappoint Lenahan to the Library Board or that the city of Tonganoxie has been trying to get Shilling to clean up at Third and Bury?

I would like to comment on the vacancy of the city clerk position. Currently, the city of Tonganoxie has no city clerk and only employs Kathy Bard in the position of acting city clerk. The council will have to decide what the next step is from the results of the election.

I guess if you only hear one side of the story, you can be made to believe anything.

And for the petition for the election on Charter Ordinance 12, I was not asked to sign the petition. I am a registered voter in Leavenworth County and that makes me think some people skulked around town for some signatures.

I could go on for about three pages of this newspaper about these two folks, but I think if you want to know the truth about city affairs, all you need to do is attend the council meetings. And on that subject, I would like to remind all of your readers that the council and mayor serve the community with no pay. These folks were all duly elected by the voters as their representatives.

Lenahan and Shilling are not elected to any position of government.

John Franiuk, mayor,


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