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Letter: A matter of pride

June 20, 2001

To the editor:

Some of us remember the days when Tonganoxie was the butt of disc jockey jokes. In the days of Heiny Winery, I was young and my idea of revenge was to become famous so that I could go on Johnny Carson and proudly tell the world I was from Tonganoxie!

Now that we have grown and become a respected town, I seem to have my chin on my once pride puffed chest. In a nutshell, payment was agreed upon, the city tried to raise the amount and cut the payback time in half, many merchants living off the income from a small town business could not afford this, the city was challenged and eventually had to go back to the original agreement. Should have been end of story. The city took it a step further and boycotted three of the merchants.

In response to last week's letters, if all this happened to Mr. Williams, I believe he might have a hissy fit too. As for Mr. Franiuk, one tip I've found helpful is that once you rile up a hornet's nest you don't stand there and continue to kick it. Elected officials are supposed to represent the people, but ours aren't listening because they don't believe we know what we are voting on. I don't believe Jean Lenahan has such power over the people of the city she can dictate them to act against their will or that the citizens are so ignorant they vote uninformed. I believe the citizens of Tonganoxie are informed and concerned and vote the way they want. I believe they want to be heard when they speak. And I believe in a town where the merchants are considered and dealt with fairly and are encouraged to thrive.

Angela J. Lenahan,


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