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Letter: In reponse

June 20, 2001

To the editor:

In response to Mark Williams, a new voice in the political arena. Your job as a police officer leaves me wondering when and how you observed that "Kathy Bard went right to work after only minimal familiarization." I heard she spent her first week in clerk school.

You accuse downtown property owners of a "hissy fit." To enlighten and broaden your knowledge about the issue, ask Mr. Clark to see the petition and grant with specifics that we agreed to commit $150,000 to the renovation project. Read these documents with an open and critical mind and you will learn that the city tried to gouge us with a $279,000 bill incurred when the city arbitrarily decided to continue the project a block east beyond the legal benefit district.

Your second paragraph smacks of truth. Bard was someone's political favorite. The employee with the longest tenure in City Hall recruited and recommended Bard for the position. That employee was there when Charter Ordinance 6 was signed and passed into law. I have trouble believing that she did not know about the residency requirement.

You state, "many Tonganoxie employees are among the lowest paid in the area." The recently completed $7,000 survey report by Steve Cohen disproves you. He states that all, expect one, of our city employees are paid wages comparable and competitive for this area. A survey that could have been provided by the League of Municipalities for free.

I hope your prejudices toward that "handful of angry downtown business owners" does not color your judgment in carrying out justice.

Jean Lenahan,


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