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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

June 27, 2001

"We had to have a brownish-tan colored fabric for an Indian girls costume for an Indian and pilgrim play at school, so I'm at wit's end," said Anne. "A pair of light-brown pillow cases became a skirt and vest, in just a matter of minutes, it seemed."

The hem of one of the pillow cases became a channel for elastic. We cut off the closed end at the right length, slashed that end into a fringe. After a few more minutes to fashion a fringed vest, out of the other pillow case, I had the happiest little girl in school that day.

Years later, it's still one of her favorite childhood memories. We had such fun that day doing it together. "I, too, was one of those moms to leave the dishes in the sink, so to speak, to go play and do with the kids, as I look back." Anne said. "Oh what I would have missed, had I not done so."

Anne tells us an old pillowcase can be so many other things too great tote bags, which won't split and tear like plastic. They make great storage bags for quilts because the air can circulate through and they can be stacked on the top shelf for the summer. Pack one in your camping gear for a laundry bag.

"We even kept one in the car trunk. The kids have gathered pine cones, walnuts, seashells, etcetera," Anne said. "It seems the sheets always wear out first, leaving those extra pillow cases. They can be laundered and used again or just tossed if too soiled."

Dental floss has other uses, also. It's a tough thread for sewing on those buttons that get a lot of tough, heavy use, such as those heavy winter coats, nylon jackets and seams that just seem to not hold with regular thread.

Weave it back and forth over holes in window screens. It is great for mending holes in the webbing, such as in playpens.

Thanks for the great tips, and do have fun with the kids this summer. Love and God bless, Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086-0265.

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