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Letter to the editor: Dissension in Tonganoxie

June 27, 2001

Regarding comments made by our mayor and one of our police officers: In my opinion, these letters explain why there has been so much dissension between some of the business owners and city government.

To suggest that the past "hissy fits" were brought on out of spite is ludicrous.

What is ludicrous is the fact that we were forced to take the actions we have taken to force the city to honor their word with the downtown business owners.

What is ludicrous is to accuse "us" of costing "the taxpayers" $1,4000 for a special election concerning the city clerk position. The ordinances are on the books. They are to be enforced, not changed at will. Who cost the city $7,000 for a study concerning the city employees salaries when this study could have been conducted free?

If I'm not mistaken, the citizens of Tonganoxie are the government of the city that the council and mayor were chosen in good faith to follow and enforce the laws that are in effect. If the council feels there is need to amend one of these ordinances, should it not be presented to the citizens to decide?

Tonganoxie citizens need to attend the council meetings. Remember to remain in your seat, do not question anything, and for heaven's sake, don't prove them wrong.

Roger Shilling,


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