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Eighth-grade assessment scores leap

Junior high students perform well on Stanford achievement test

March 7, 2001

Students at Tonganoxie Junior High have raised the bar on at least one assessment test.

Steve Woolf, junior high principal, said his eighth- and ninth-graders performed well on the Stanford achievement test given in September.

Ninth-graders, who scored an average percentile of 64.6 overall, were up two points from their eighth-grade test scores, and were level with the 64.6 from their seventh-grade scores.

This year's eighth-graders, who scored an average percentile of 60.6 overall made a jump from the average percentile of 51.5 on the Stanford test they took as seventh-graders.

Woolf, who has been a principal in other schools for 10 years and a principal at Tonganoxie for one and one-half years, said the improvement in the eighth-graders' scores was notable.

"I have never seen a class jump 11.5 percent across the board," Woolf said. "That is miraculous."

Woolf credited junior high school teachers for the improvement.

He did note that this year's seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students' average lowest scores were in language.

This year's ninth-grade scores in language were 50.5, compared to last year's 54.5.

This year's eighth-grade score was 51.5, compared to last year's score of 38.4.

Overall, Woolf attributed the lower score in language in part to the fact that the Stanford test is fill-in-the-dot. He said that it's difficult to gauge writing ability by taking this type of test.

The other score that helps balance that is the state writing exam.

"We score very, very high on that every year," Woolf said.

Again, Woolf expressed pride in his students' performance on the Stanford test.

"When I look at reading, math and language arts, we raised from 11 to 13 percentile points," he said.

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