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Edwardsville OKs hotel guest tax

City hopes to reap benefits from visitors to Kansas Speedway

March 14, 2001

If a motel, hotel, recreational vehicle park or bed and breakfast were built in Edwardsville, the city is posed to reap in extra taxes those entities would generate with the passage of a new transient guest tax.

The Edwardsville City Council passed the tax resolution last week. The proposal will call for the city to levy no more than 6 percent upon the gross receipts of those establishments that would house travelers.

The tax is comparable to surrounding cities. Overland Park and Shawnee charge 6 percent, Olathe charges 4 percent, but wants to increase to 6 percent and Lenexa charges 4 percent, City Attorney Quentin Brown said.

The council had asked Brown to review a transient guest tax because of the possible development of a motel in the northern section of the city. The idea developed because of the potential revenue the nearby Kansas Speedway could generate through tourism dollars.

Regarding the Speedway, the council also is considering a new ordinance to regulate the establishment and operations of recreational vehicle parks.

The ordinance would regulate the development of an RV park and also hinder land owners from setting up temporary camp sites during race days at the Speedway.

However, council members Katherine DeFilippis and Jim Hess were against banning all parking of RVs within the city of Edwardsville.

The ordinance would allow homeowners to park their RVs on their property, but would not allow relatives or friends to use their property for an RV.

DeFilippis suggested some type of temporary permit use, which a homeowner could purchase for a visiting guest.

The council also discussed issues of waste disposal at RV parks and consideration of restrooms doubling as storm shelters.

The council asked city staff to redraft the ordinance, which was developed by the planning commission.

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