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Planning for weather can save lives, property


March 14, 2001

Certainly, there's no time better than this week to ensure that all Kansans are prepared for the possibility of severe weather.

This is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kansas. And considering that five tornadoes were reported last year in northeast Kansas one of them on May 11 in Tonganoxie it would benefit all to be prepared. Although no one was killed in last May's storm here, property damage was extensive. And a young girl died on May 12 in Tonganoxie, as her family members were cleaning debris left by the tornado.

Among items on the storm checklist for people who live in northeast Kansas should include a battery-powered radio, a flashlight and a supply of extra batteries. All of those items should be in good working order and stored in the basement of residents' homes.

Residents who do not have basements or other below-ground storm shelters should make arrangements ahead of time about where to go in the event of severe weather.

Protecting lives by taking shelter is imperative during this upcoming storm season. Let's ensure that we all know exactly what we would do in case of severe weather.

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