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THS class uses practical knowledge

Students constructing a house to be sold at auction on April 19

March 14, 2001

When am I ever going to use this? Many high school students ask that question.

The students in Tonganoxie High School's building trades classes are finally getting an answer. A house they are constructing takes a lot more geometry and algebra than students probably realize. To make rafters, gather materials needed, measure trim and other jobs, it takes a lot of math and science.

The class, taught by Steve Hughes, hopes to complete the house by May 24.

"I have a good impression this year and the students are making a lot of progress," Hughes said. "The class gives them a good opportunity to see things that go on in construction and it is information that they can use."

An open house will be conducted at the house during parent-teacher conferences this week, on Thursday and Friday.

The house, which is being constructed on school property near the high school, will be sold at auction at 7:30 p.m. on April 19.

"This year we are ahead of schedule," Hughes said. "We have had three hours each day to work on the house this year instead of two."

The house this year has a little different style from last year's. The house has a steeper roof than the last three houses that have been built. The last three houses were made with more flat roofs for easy moving.

The students have completed Sheetrock, primer and paint, started siding, and started trimming the house. The students complete a lot of work but leave things such as kitchen counters and carpet to the buyers of the house.

"Building trades teaches just about everything there is to build a house: wiring, framing, roofing, plumbing, Sheetrock and painting," said senior Tony Miller. "The house is well-built. If I could buy it, I would."

During construction, students learn skills associated with building a house. The electrical wiring, Sheetrock, trim and finish, cabinets and vanities are all worked on by the students, using a team approach.

"I like everything about this house because my fellow classmates and I work really hard on it and we do our best to build it," said Ryan Lowe, a senior.

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