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THS students suspended after search

March 14, 2001

Three Tonganoxie High School students were suspended for three days, after sheriff's officers on Thursday found marijuana in two vehicles in the school parking lot.

School officials requested the search for drugs, conducted by dogs.

"We've done it every year at least once for some time now," said THS principal Mike Bogart.

No drugs were detected in a search of lockers, he said.

"There were pretty much trace amounts, where we had to send kids home," said Bogart, declining to identify the students.

The students were suspended for three days each for possession of drugs on school property.

"We turned the evidence and everything over to the sheriff's office and county attorney," Bogart said.

Sgt. John Schermbeck of the Leavenworth County sheriff's office said evidence will be sent to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation for testing.

"Once they receive the results of that, then the county attorney will make a determination," he said.

When sheriff's officers and the so-called drug dog arrive for a search, Bogart said, a pre-arranged procedure is followed.

"We ask the teachers to contain the students in the classrooms," he said. "We try to get these things done in the length of a class period."

He said only lockers and vehicles are targeted.

"I'm disappointed," he said. "We found more kids than I would have hoped. We didn't find anything of real substance full quantities of dope or any other substance. It's still enough evidence to know that our kids are participating in that kind of thing."

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