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Area voters facing important choices


March 28, 2001

Growth, it seems, is the overriding theme of this spring's general election for seats on the Tonganoxie City Council and school board.

City council candidates say they're concerned about the effects of growth on the community, and at the same time, they're concerned that the city might not have sufficient growth to help finance city services. The next few years clearly will require a balancing act for members of the Tonganoxie City Council.

The school board, conversely, is grappling with declining enrollment. School board members and school administrators are faced with trying to bolster enrollment in public schools, during a time that the number of children in home schools and private schools is increasing.

Although the city council and school board face different sides of the growth equation, the result is the same: strains on their budgets.

So it's important that before Tuesday voters take the time to study school board and city council candidates' views on issues. And it's important that registered voters take the time on Tuesday to make their opinions known.

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