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Bob DeHoff

March 28, 2001

Name: Bob DeHoff
Age: 39
Address: 15628 238th St.
Occupation: Business owner/operator

What are the top three issues facing the Tonganoxie school district, and how would you address them, if elected?

In my opinion, three of the top issues facing the Tonganoxie school district are the curriculum, the budget and our facilities. The primary function of a school district is to provide the youth of the communities it serves with the best education possible. And the role of the school board in this area, is to set the policies and procedures that guide our staff in continually improving our curriculum so that all of our students reach the highest level of academic achievement they possibly can. The Tonganoxie school district is already doing a good gob in the curriculum development area. And with the final report on the curriculum audit, commissioned by the school board, the school district will have a document in hand that will help guide us in the continual improvement of our curriculum updating process.

With the loss of student enrollment (over the past few years) and the Kansas legislature's failure to keep increases of funding up with inflation, the handling of the budget has become a very large issue for the school district to deal with. Unfortunately the school district has been forced to use the local option budget to maintain the quality of our educational system. For now, the school board needs to continue to lobby the Kansas legislature for appropriate funding and keep the patrons of the district informed and educated about the funding process. Until the Kansas legislature does fund school districts at a more appropriate level the local school boards will have to deal with the situation the best that they can.

As the growth that appears to be starting and the expectation that it will continue, our facilities will become more and more of an issue. With the passing of every year, our current facilities continue to need more and more attention. We need to continue to use our available resources in the best way possible so that we can maintain our facilities in a condition that is compatible with a positive learning environment. And as our student population begins to increase, the school board will need to start making long term plans for upgrading and expansion of facilities to make sure that we are not so overcrowded as to negatively effect the learning environment in our school buildings.

How do you believe the school district should address increased pressures on its budget?

Covered in question one.

What, if anything, should the district do to increase enrollment in local schools?

There are two main areas where local school boards can have a positive effect on increasing enrollment.

One of the best ways, is to insure that the local school district students are reaching and exceeding high levels of academic achievement. Another method, is by making sure that the public has a very good understanding of the positive things that our students are achieving on a daily basis. To accomplish these two items a school board has to have very high expectations for our students and has to make sure that the school district is informing the public about all of the accomplishments that our students do achieve.

Do you favor any curriculum changes in local schools?

Covered in question one.

What changes do you envision in the district's facilities in the next few years?

Covered in question one.

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