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DeHoff: Curriculum top priority for the district

March 28, 2001

Bob DeHoff, 39, who has lived in Tonganoxie for nearly three decades, is running without opposition for another term on the local school board.

DeHoff, a 1979 graduate of Tonganoxie High School, is president of DeHoff Tool and Manufacturers, a Kansas City, Kan., industry founded in 1967 by his grandfather, Leonard DeHoff, and his father, Robert L. DeHoff.

Bob DeHoff and his wife, Lana, are the parents of three children, Kassie, 13, Mitchell, 9, and Lucas Brown, 14.

DeHoff, who is currently serving his fourth year on the school board, is this year's Tonganoxie school board president.

DeHoff is running uncontested for the Sixth District seat on the Tonganoxie school board in the April 3 general election.

He sees a curriculum audit, for which the district is awaiting a final report, as key to the district's future.

"It's important to see that we improve our curriculum-updating process to see that the groundwork is laid for the district for the next 10 to 20 years," DeHoff said.

He's also looking at the 80 acres the school owns on the south side of town.

"In the next 10 years, we will be building something out there," DeHoff said. "At this time, it just depends on where our growth seems to be and what our needs are at that time."

He said issues that currently are on the front burner are to make sure the district continues to operate high-quality schools, and making the best educational opportunities possible for all students in the community.

"That's the reason I ran," DeHoff said. "I wanted to be involved and I wanted to see that all kids in school succeed as much as possible for the betterment of the community."

The single biggest issue facing the school now, DeHoff said, is the curriculum audit, and using the results of the study to update the school's curriculum.

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