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Petition not ‘mean-spirited’

March 28, 2001

To the editor:

I would like to respond to comments made by Chris Clark in the March 21 issue of The Mirror. The petition presented to the city was not "mean-spirited." It appears Mr. Clark is allowing his anger with Mrs. Lenahan and the results of their past city dealings to color his judgment.

The "mean spirited" petition in question relates to the city clerk position and whether this position should be filled by a qualified resident of Leavenworth County as the present ordinance states. (I'm sure there are qualified job seekers who meet the residency requirement.)

At the time our present clerk (a Johnson County resident) was hired, this city ordinance was (and is still) in effect.

The newly hired city clerk made Mr. Clark aware of this problem and Clark's solution was to "change the ordinance."

We should be allowed to voice our concerns on any issue, including one that affects the hiring requirements for our city employees. The present clerk is qualified to perform her duties in all ways except she is not a Leavenworth County resident.

The residents and business owners of Tonganoxie and Leavenworth County pay her salary. Shouldn't the position be filled by someone living in Leavenworth County?

Mr. Clark is distorting the issue: This issue is not a personal vendetta. It is an issue to all taxpayers to see that city ordinances are followed and not changed for the benefit of circumstance at Mr. Clark's, or any other city official's, will. The right to vote on any decision made by a governing body is a right granted to all registered taxpayers.

Roger Shilling, Tonganoxie

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