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Phil Weide

March 28, 2001

Name: Phil Weide
Age: 40
Address: 545 Northstar
Occupation: Manager of a family-owned concrete plant in Kansas City, Kan.

What are the top three issues facing the Tonganoxie school district, and how would you address them, if elected?

Declining enrollment and keeping the students we have enrolled in the school district.

Running out of space in the buildings and using the 80 acres at the south edge of town.

Maintaining and raising the good test scores as we have been.

How do you believe the school district should address increased pressures on its budget?

By promoting our good test scores and trying to get more students to come to our schools. There's a lot of homeschoolers who can enroll in our programs you'll be seeing some of them participate in our online program and come to school and participate in the marching band and other classes.

What, if anything, should the district do to increase enrollment in local schools?

Keep improving our school system. Keeping the band program that's better now, also the football and volleyball programs just keeping our students busy and in good programs will help draw more people to the area.

Do you favor any curriculum changes in local schools?

We're going to keep going with what we're doing, with the curriculum audit. Also, the Teachers Advancement Program will encourage teachers to keep up the good work.

What changes do you envision in the district's facilities in the next few years?

Of course there's the future building on the 80 acres. I think the grade school and the outer appearance of the high school will be worked on. Another thing that needs to be improved is the outdoor lighting of the schools.

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