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Support for petition on clerk

March 28, 2001

To the editor:

I commend Jean Lenahan, Don Pezl and Roger Schilling for the wonderful job they did in saving the downtown businesses from overpaying for the downtown sidewalk improvements. I wonder if it had not been for them taking the time and effort, maybe the business owners would have ended up paying much more than they were originally told. Or should I say, led on to believe. I hope all the business owners have thanked these three remarkable people. I hope a couple of business owners who may not have thanked them, calling them a "so-called group," can sleep at night with a clear conscious. After all, they were saved a great sum of money, also. It seems the city administration thinks they can do anything they please and people are supposed to sit back and accept it. That is not the way government is supposed to work. Now there is a petition to oust the city clerk. If she was not hired according to the rules, then she must go. Plain and simple. The city administrator is unhappy with Jean Lenahan, calling her a bully, because she pointed out the city hired the city clerk illegally. Well, there are a lot of people who back Jean Lenahan. Where was the thought to good government when they hired someone without consideration to the rules? The city administrator says the morale of the city officials has been hurt. Well, if they would stop doing things the wrong way and making excuses for it, there would not be any reason for their morale being hurt. It never feels good to get caught doing something wrong. I wish more people would wake up and see that the city officials are not doing such a hot job. There are not any fat, dumb chickens (citizens) in this town and I think the city officials are starting to realize that. Maybe another petition should be started. What do you think, Jean?

Shame on the city administration for trying to blacklist the businesses of the three owners mentioned above. Did the truth hurt that bad?

Belinda Loboda, Tonganoxie

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