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City revs up junk-car enforcement

March 29, 2001

Tonganoxie officials are getting back on track with tracking junk-car violations in the city.

Last week, police officers made rounds, targeting violators of the junk-car ordinance.

"This was just the first wave," said Chris Clark, city administrator.

A city ordinance targets inoperative or abandoned vehicles in the community.

Taking care of the junk car problem is a lengthy process. A warning letter is sent to the property owner, asking for a response or for the violation to be taken care of within 10 days. A second notice is sent if the problem is not solved. The final step is municipal court.

The city began focusing on violations last summer. In August, 15 letters were mailed. Some violators were taken care of, but some problems have resurfaced, according to police chief Ken Carpenter.

"I have not seen anything done," said Ray Usher, council member. "If we're going to have the ordinance, we need to enforce it. Otherwise, we might as well throw it out the window."

Sixteen warning letters were sent March 20, Clark said.

Tonganoxie resident Steve Trieb has three properties on the violation list his home, a lot north of Glenn's Opry and a third lot at Laming Road and Leavenworth County Road 5.

Clark told council members that Trieb family members started cleaning two of the three properties last week.

"We need to continue to attempt to clean up properties in the community," Clark said.

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