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Internship program a winner for school


May 2, 2001

This semester, eight Tonganoxie High School seniors have participated in a pilot internship program with local and area businesses. And it appears to be a stunning success that will continue next year.

Mike Webb, who has coordinated the program, is pleased with how well students and their business mentors have worked together. Only the best students and those students who have a high degree of interest are chosen for the program.

These young people should be commended on their desire to test the world of work and to add some practical knowledge to what they're learning in school.

It's heartening that so many businesses agreed to participate in the program, which was launched this spring. It shows a strong commitment to the Tonganoxie school system. And it shows a good deal of faith in the seniors at Tonganoxie High School.

The program allows students to add practical experience to their resumes. And working in the real world helps the young people strengthen both their social and work skills.

The students and the school district aren't the only winners in this program. The businesses that work with the young people have the opportunity to gain a new point of view.

This is a wonderful win-win for Tonganoxie.

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