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Anniversary provides chance to offer thanks


May 9, 2001

In many ways, it's difficult to believe that it's nearly been a year since a tornado roared over Hubbel Hill and into Tonganoxie.

This city, which resembled a war zone on the evening of May 11, 2000, has recovered well. And that recovery is due in large part to the community's volunteer forces. Whether it's planting trees, gathering new books for teachers or cleaning up the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds, it seems that volunteers always are ready to lend a helping hand. And, fortunately, many people from many other communities came to Tonganoxie's aid during the hours, days, weeks and months that followed the destructive tornado.

After seeing the images on television of the impact that a recent tornado had in Hoisington in westcentral Kansas, we now realize just how fortunate Tonganoxie was. Although many of our businesses and homes were damaged, the extent of the damage does not compare with what could have occurred, if the storm had been of greater magnitude.

This Friday, the one-year anniversary of the Tonganoxie tornado, presents an excellent opportunity for our community to stop and say thank you to everyone who came to our aid in the past 12 months.

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