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Bank teaches students to save money

May 9, 2001

Students in Jeanie Williams second grade class recently received a little lesson in saving their money.

Cleta Henak and Amy Goff were representing First State Bank. For the past five years, the bank has taught Tonganoxie Elementary School students to save money.

Also, they suggest options as to what to do with allowance money, for instance. Students get a certain amount of "play" money and they are offered little toys to purchase. But once the students are out of money, they can't buy some of the other bigger things. Through this "play exercise," the students get a little lesson in wise buying. The students are also allowed to trade their purchases for others as long as the initial cost was the same.

"Hopefully, the kids will think a little more when spending money after the program," said Jeanie Williams, second grade teacher. "Before, they might see something that looks really neat and then it might not be all it is cracked up to be."

Cleta Henak said, "The biggest impact for the kids is to learn to save money and really think about what they're buying instead of going on a first impulse."

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