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Demonstration depicts dangers of drunk driving

May 9, 2001

Prom is a time for celebration and fun but to be safe, SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) members wanted to make sure that juniors and seniors were aware of this weekend for Prom.

Members of SADD, Tonganoxie Fire Department, Master Trooper Doug Tate and Leavenworth County EMS recently put on a real life presentation about the effects of drinking and driving.

Four students, Dave Gepner, Ashley Mikijanis, A.J. Eller, and Lisa Theno, were placed in an old car donated by S and S Body Shop. Another car was placed head-on to that vehicle, with Leavenworth County Sheriff's officer Roger Ruggles portraying a drunken driver.

The presentation showed what would happen in a drinking and driving situation. Juniors and seniors watched from the side of the road as the acting continued.

"The presentation showed you're responsible for your actions and what the consequences really are," said Ashley Mikijanis, senior.

After the presentation students convened in the auditorium to listen to Tate speak about driving safety. They watched two videos about drinking and driving.

"We wanted to show them that drinking and driving is not a game and just because you didn't get caught doesn't mean it won't happen and to be safe," said Amber Miller, senior and SADD president. "Life is full of chances and choices and you have the chance to make the right choice."

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