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Letter to the editor: Support for ordinance

May 16, 2001

To the editor:

I would like to encourage all those friends who supported me all the years I served the city of Tonganoxie as your mayor to support the city administration in their effort to upgrade the ordinance relative to hiring of the city clerk.

It is hard to find qualified people to fill this position. In the years I was mayor, I held a lot of interviews. There were not many people who applied who were willing to leave their present positions to move to Tonganoxie. The few who applied from the city were not qualified.

If I were still the mayor, I would try to hire the best-qualified person I could find, regardless of the county he or she lived in, as long as it was in the state of Kansas. Let's put our differences behind us and work together to make Tonganoxie the best possible place to live.

Please vote on Tuesday, May 22.

Herb Robbins,


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